Identity Resolution + Buyer Behavior = Insight
We are an A.I. Driven, client Acquisition/Retention engine, designed to Increase Your LCV and Lower Churn by Monitoring Behavior and Lighting Up Your CRM when someone is in market for your products/services. 
A.I. Enabled Predictive Sales Engine Using Proprietary Buyer Behavior Intelligence - Actions Speak Louder Than Words. 
Winter Is Coming... Success In Business Starts By Knowing Something That Your Competition Doesn't. 
Identity Resolution
Internet of Things (iot)
Behavioral Targeting
CRM Data Mapping
Lead Nurture
Prospect Insight
GROW REVENUE By Connecting Billions of Buying Behaviors and A Proprietary AI Driven Identity Graph to Your CRM, Your Company Will Enjoy Better Client Retention and Increase Lifetime Client Value Through Behavioral Insight. Identity Resolution, A.I./Machine Learning, and Buying Behavior Reveals Your Top Prospects.
Let's have a cup of coffee over a Zoom Call and discuss how our enterprise level behavioral targeting and identity resolution technology, used by fortune 100/500 companies, can help your company with b2b client acquisition, b2c client retention, and increasing lifetime client value. 
Rod Turman
Business Development Representative
"We've only met 3 companies with the level of identity graph that you guys have. You guys are so far out in front of your competition!" - Salesforce Rep
Our Secret Sauce: Identity Resolution Tied To Buyer Behavior
What Our Technology Can Do

Our a.i. technology identifies, through monitoring billions of pieces of behavioral data connected to our 250 million person identity graph, the greatest opportunities within your existing client base for retention and increasing lifetime customer value, as well as monitoring your ideal prospect base for new client acquisition. 
B2B Sales Leads

A click is now a lead. Send traffic to an ungated page and identify, without an optin, who your best prospects are. When we can identify, strategically, WHO is on specific pages of your site, you can get the full contact details. We can customize deliverables to match your specific needs of your B2B Business. 
Increasing Client Retention and LCV

How many of your customers/clients are currently looking to buy from someone else? What else are they looking to buy that you can offer them? Our software can tell you WHO. Knowing the identity tied to specific behavior will help you make more money through better client retention and increasing lifetime customer value. 
Artificial Intelligence

We are mapping 250+ million people to billions of pieces of data and behavior. The ONLY way to analyze this level of data and understand behavior is to use artificial intelligence and machine learning. We teach the system what to find (training sample) and the system will produce the result, over and over again as we continue to add resources.
Why A.I. Behavioral Insight and Identity Resolution With VTI?
Our Identity Graph contains 252 million REAL U.S. consumers – with multiple emails, multiple device id's and tracks 50+ billion online URL navigation behaviors daily. We protect privacy and are 100% compliant.

Our smart pixel fires 450M times per day.

We are monitoring 2B+ URLS and 10B+ Keywords

Our Identity Graph costs upwards of $2.5 Million/year to maintain. It's massive.
Our database exists outside the walled gardens of Google and Facebook.
This aspect of our technology is WHY we are several steps ahead of our competition in the burgeoning People Based Marketing industry.
We are tracking several hundred million consumers globally, however, our total focus at this time is taking over the U.S. market.
Our technology has been adopted by several Fortune 100/500 companies with new contracts being signed weekly.
We now have nearly 1,500 companies nationwide (some of the largest in the world) that have integrated our technology into their tech-stacks and is now influencing thousands of campaigns in dozens of verticals across the U.S.
Our technology has sold over $11B+ in automobiles (400,000) online in 5 years and has only got better over time. We are working with faster tools creating even faster tools. 
We are in 50+ Real Estate Markets now connecting buyers and sellers daily with this tech.

We are now saving Walmart 40% on their online acquisitions
We are dominating most of the primary verticals right now across the U.S
And we’re about to launch a new technology every business can afford that will transform businesses across the U.S. Will you be one of them?
We are taking our clients straight to the top of their niche with world-class technologies coupled with time-tested strategies that win long-term business.
Schedule a call to discuss rolling out some one-of-a-kind technologies that can immediately impact your revenues and and put you in position to win profits over your competition for the long term!
If you would like to learn more about our technology, contact us to set up a discovery call below.
"Competitive Advantage Is Built Upon A Superior Ability To Predict" -Dr. Flint MacLaughlin, MECLABS
 “Everyone is not your customer.” - Seth Godin
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